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Advertsuite Honest Review- Massive Bonuses + 20% Earned Commissions For You!

Rating: 4.9/5
Quality 99%
Features 98%
Ease of use 95%
Price 96%
Bonus 99%
  1. Introduction
  2. What is Advertsuite?
  3. Features
  4. Pricing
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  7. Bonuses

An increase in global online audience means the internet is a key marketing platform for just about every business. Facebook has never been an outlier in all this. A few remarkable statistics are:

  1. Recent studies reveal that Facebook ads has influenced more than 57% users by significantly uplifting their online purchases.
  2. In America alone, 78% of consumers say they’ve discovered products via Facebook ads.
  3. Throughout the world, 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads.

With these numbers, it is clear that most businesses generate most of their money online through Facebook ads, however many users (especially beginners) face various key problems to market their products on Facebook via ads. One of the main problems is the ever-changing Facebook algorithm making it a challenge to connect organically with fans and to promote your content.

I am sure you must have been trying many different ways to get your business adverts, whether it is a blog or video, to be ranked on page 1 of the best traffic source of the planet: Google. But many time you must have failed due to the fierce competition in the field. Recently a team of SEO experts claim to have found a viable solution to this problem: a software called  But, is it the real deal? We will see in this post.


What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are adverts that you put on facebook to promote, market or advertise your product. These ads can be in various form; the main ones are listed here:

  1. Photo Ads: It’s a simple and great way to get started with Facebook advertising. You can create an ad with just a few clicks by boosting an existing post with a photo from your Facebook Page. Although photo ads are simple, they are not necessarily boring. For example, you might think gloves are a pretty ho-hum product, but Happy Gloves puts them in surprising contexts to create fun Facebook photo ads.
  2. Video Ads: Some promoters prefer videos because videos are a powerful way to express yourself in action . The video ad can even say nothing specific about the service itself, but will definitely provide a clear curiosity among the audience to learn more.
  3. Carousel Ads: A carousel ad can use up to 10 images or videos to showcase your product. You can use this format to highlight different benefits of one product, a number of different products, or even use all the photos together to create one large panoramic image.
  4. Slideshow Ads: Slideshow Facebook ads offer an easy way to create short video ads using a collection of still photos or existing video clips. The eye-catching motion in slideshows with all its transitions makes them an attractive way to capture the audience. The main advantage of slideshow ads is that they are just like videos but operate on much lower internet bandwidth. This means that they are very accessible to audience with slow internet connection.
  5. Collection and Lead Ads: These are both offered only for mobile devices. Collection ads allow you to showcase one or more products that customers can click to buy. While, Lead ads are specifically designed to make it easy for people to give you their contact information without a lot of typing.

The state-of-the-art : Adversuite

Facebook ads offers focused-targeting features that allows you to reach your exact targeted audience based on their location, demographics, interests, and even behaviours. With Facebook ads you can always reach people who are most likely to want your products or services.

Before , reaching each and every targeted audience in a particular niche was a challenging task. But  has revolutionised this by allowing you to search every single winning Facebook ad in the world and replicate the winners for your business. All that just in few clicks! How exactly does it work? Let me walk you through..

Adversuite — Create winning Ads instantly by finding and replicating what is currently trending on Facebook.

Start Creating WINNING Ads instantly by finding and replicating what currently works on the #1 way to make money with FB with Advertsuite.

What is AdvertSuite?

 is currently the world’s largest Facebook ads database with 40 million Ads Listed over 20 Countries. The awesome part is you get 10,000 new ads added everyday.

 allows you to see all current live and past winning FB ads in any niche. With this software you see exactly where the ad traffic of the winners is being sent off so that you can replicate the winners’ modules for your own business. Below is a short review snipett.

About The Creator

Luke Maguire — the creator of Advertsuite

Advertsuite was created by Luke Maguire (Picture below), in conjunction with his teammate Simon Harries. He has made extreme sales videos and number 1 selling social media softwares of all time that have allowed not only

him, but many of his students to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes. Some of his notable Softwares have been: Octosuite, Viral Autobots, Social Autobots, Inboxr, Engagermate.

He has been able to make a great prestige in Software marketing with high-quality high-end products.

You can get your copy of  AdvertSuite by clicking here (*affiliate link) which guarantees you the best deal + bonuses that you will love!

Features & Usage

Remove the guesswork of FB ads

Remove the guesswork of FB ads

Advertsuite shows you exactly what ads are currently trending. You simply have to Search for Keywords, Niches, Competitors and Domains to see what ads are running & more importantly winning.

Generate Buyer Traffic With Ads

Generate Buyer Traffic With Ads

Remove the need to test, change, edit ads by allowing Advertsuite to show you the best performing ads in your niche.

Competitor Breakdown

Competitor Breakdown

Advertsuite shows you any competitors running ads along with their landing page in 1 dashboard so you can see what works for you and replicate those.

World’s Largest FB Ads Database

Worlds Largest FB Ads Database

Advertsuite offers you the world’s largest FB ads library to search with over 5 million ads from 15 different countries with thousands of new ads added every day. That’s a lot of Ads for you to even handle!

Demographic and Engagement Filters

Demographic & Engagement Filters

These filters allow you to search ads based on gender, age, marital status & location along with searching ads that has got the most likes, comments or shares to see what users are engaging with the most.

Geo Location Filters

Geo Location Filters

Hate not knowing which countries to target? Advertsuite breaks down where any ad is being shown to allow you to better identify the audience you are targeting.

Video & Image Ad Integration

With video ads being a leading ad strategy, Advertsuite will show you exactly which video ads are working the best for your niche in today’s market.

Call to Action Based on Sorted Results

Call to Action Based on Sorted results

Advertsuite will allow you to filter ads according to their call to action to show you what is the right call to action for your campaign and niche.

Ad Position Filtering

Ad Position Filtering

Ever wondered what ads perform better in the news feed vs side bar? Advertsuite solves this by showing you what currently is working best in both.

Funnel Breakdown

Funnel Breakdown

Advertsuite will not only show you the winning ADS, but also allow you to see the landing page the traffic is being sent to in 1 dashboard — allowing you to replicate the winning funnels.

Finding Winning Ads By Searching Keywords, Competitors and Domains

Finding Winning Ads

Simply search, select the winners and copy — removing the guessing game

Bank Instantly With Targeting Module

Add Your Heading Text Here

Advertsuite will show you where the ad is being shown to, the gender of the users, martial status, and even age groups allowing you to remove the key things you need to enter when setting up a FB ad.


With all these premium features coming with this software, you must be thinking of the pricing right now, right?. They only charge $67: an exclusive offer that you should grab and you get the following values for your money:

  1. Full unrestricted Access to the features above
  2. Unlimited searches, bookmarks and usage
  3. Competitor Breakdown
  4. Demographic & Engagement Filters
  5. Geo location filters
  6. Video & Image Ad Integration
  7. Full Agnecy rights included (Bonus)
  8. Onetime Investment

In Conclusion: Should I get it?

It goes without saying that if you need more online customers walking through your store, no matter which niche you are in, facebook ads is probably the best place to attract customers. This is where  helps you to achieve big. With its revolutionary features that allow you filter ads around the world based on various factors,  changes the game for those doing Ecommerce.

Using  reduces your campaign research time significantly by helping you to find successful competing ads quickly so you spend less time generating ads for yourself or your clients.

The best part is you get a 14-day trial period with Advertsuite. This is why if in the first 14 days you don’t like the software for whatever reason they will give you all your money back.

To top this off, if you use this software for 60 days, you can work with their support team. If you still don’t get results they will double your money back. A deal that you most certainly won’t get anywhere else. This literally makes it a risk for you not to try!

You can get your copy of  AdvertSuite by clicking here (*affiliate link) which guarantees you the best deal + bonuses that you will love!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Advertsuite is a Facebook ad search software that enables you to operate Facebook ads successfully.

Advertsuite is compatible with both MacBook and Windows.

Yes, after purchasing, If you are not happy with the software, you can get the refund within 14 days.

I hope this review helped you in making your choice 🙂

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